10 most demanding and best Online selling products in Pakistan

most demanding and best Online selling products in Pakistan


Pakistan has seen a dramatic change in customer behavior as a result of the growth of e-commerce, adopting online shopping as a reliable and convenient means of satisfying their demands. In this post, we will examine e-commerce in Pakistan and identify the top 10 most popular online items. Understanding the Pakistani market is essential for success, whether you’re an aspiring business owner or an established internet merchant.

E-commerce in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s e-commerce sector has grown significantly in recent years as a result of factors like more internet usage, better digital payment methods, and the convenience that online shopping platforms provide. Daraz, which has grown to be the largest online marketplace in Pakistan, is one of the key players in the country’s e-commerce business. Daraz provides a wide variety of products to meet the varied needs of its customers.

Top 10 Best-Selling Online Products in Pakistan:

1.Clothing and Fashion Accessories:

In Pakistan, the demand for clothing and fashion accessories is extremely strong. Popular selections include traditional Pakistani clothing like shalwar kameez and western-inspired clothing like dresses, shirts, and jeans. Additionally, because they match a variety of fashion trends, accessories like handbags, watches, jewellery, and footwear are in high demand..

2.Electronics and Gadgets:

Electronics and gadgets are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, home theatre systems, video game consoles, and other electronic gadgets fall under this category. Consumers are increasingly eager for the newest gadgets as technology develops in order to improve their lifestyles and stay connected.

3.Beauty and Personal Care Products:

In Pakistan, the market for personal care products and cosmetics has seen substantial expansion. Customers are searching for high-quality cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and personal grooming products as they become more self-conscious about their appearance. Both national and regional brands are well-represented in this area.

4.Home and Kitchen Appliances:

Appliances for the house and kitchen are increasingly in demand as the middle class grows and lifestyles change. Appliances including refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, microwaves, blenders, and kitchenware are in high demand. Convenience, energy effectiveness, and durability are important considerations when making a purchase in this area.

5.Health and Fitness Equipment:

Pakistanis who are concerned about their health and fitness are spending more money on workout gear and accessories. This category includes fitness monitors, weights, yoga mats, sports shoes, and dietary supplements in addition to exercise equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes. The popularity of these items has been influenced by consumers’ desire to live healthier lifestyles.

6.Baby and Kids Products:

For a variety of infant and children’s supplies, Pakistani parents are using internet marketplaces. Among the things in this category are diapers, baby food, toys, clothes, strollers, car seats, and educational materials. When parents purchase for their children, convenience, safety, and affordability are key factors to take into account.

7.Mobile Accessories:

Mobile accessories have grown to be an important segment in Pakistan’s e-commerce business as a result of the extensive use of smartphones. For the purpose of enhancing their mobile experience and ensuring device protection, consumers frequently buy chargers, power banks, phone cases, screen protectors, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers.

8.Books and Stationery:

In spite of the digital age, many Pakistanis still cherish tangible books and stationery. Online stores are popular with book lovers and students who want to buy books, instructional materials, and stationery items including notebooks, pens, pencils, and art supplies.

9.Home Décor and Furnishings:

Home furniture and décor have become more popular with rising interest in interior design. Rugs, curtains, accent pieces, wall art, lighting fixtures, furniture, and bedding all fall under this category. Pakistani buyers frequently try to personalise their living quarters and make a cosy atmosphere.

10.Sports and Outdoor Equipment:

The demand for sporting goods and outdoor gear is influenced by adventurers and sports fans. Bicycles, camping supplies, hiking accessories, sports equipment, fitness equipment, and other outdoor-related products are all included in this category. The appeal of these goods is fueled by Pakistan’s varied geography, which provides chances for a variety of outdoor activities.

Online vendors may efficiently meet customers’ needs and take advantage of Pakistan’s e-commerce business by understanding the preferences and requirements of Pakistani consumers in these product categories..

5 Best Online Stores in Pakistan:

Daraz: Daraz, Pakistan’s largest online marketplace, provides a wide selection of goods, safe transactions, and dependable customer care.

Shophive: Shophive has established a reputation among Pakistani customers as a reliable online retailer because to its large assortment of goods and gadgets.

Yayvo: Yayvo has made a name for itself in Pakistan’s e-commerce market by providing a wide variety of goods, such as clothes, electronics, and home appliances.

Symbios: Electronics, fashion, beauty, and other product categories are just a few of the many that Symbios serves. It has grown in popularity because of its affordable prices and reliable delivery service.

Goto: Goto is one of Pakistan’s top e-commerce sites, providing a wide selection of goods and an easy-to-use buying experience.


There are many prospects for both domestic and foreign online sellers due to Pakistan’s booming e-commerce sector. You may put yourself in a successful position in this quickly expanding industry by being aware of the top-selling online products, the dynamics of the Pakistani market, and the major online retailers. Keep up with current trends, put a priority on customer happiness, and modify your tactics to suit Pakistani consumers’ needs. You may create a powerful online presence and capitalise on Pakistan’s enormous e-commerce potential with tenacity and a carefully implemented plan.


How can I start selling products online in Pakistan?

You can set up an e-commerce website or join well-known online marketplaces like Daraz, Alibaba, or OLX to start selling goods online in Pakistan. You must set up a system for order fulfilment and delivery, register as a seller, and supply information about your products.

What are the popular payment methods for online purchases in Pakistan?

Cash on delivery (COD), bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, and UBL Omni are common ways to pay for online purchases in Pakistan. Online customers benefit from the ease and flexibility of these payment choices.

How can I ensure the safety of online transactions in Pakistan?

It is crucial to choose secure and reliable platforms for selling and purchasing in order to guarantee the security of online transactions. Online fraud and unauthorised access can be prevented by using secure payment channels, encrypting consumer data, and routinely updating security measures.

Are there any restrictions on selling certain products online in Pakistan?

Yes, there are limitations on certain things being sold online in Pakistan. For instance, it could be illegal to sell fake goods, illegal narcotics, firearms, or restricted commodities like prescription drugs. Before selling particular products online, it is advisable to review the rules and laws that apply.

How can I increase the visibility of my online products in Pakistan?

You may optimise your product listings with relevant keywords, excellent photos, and thorough descriptions to raise the visibility of your online goods. You can also improve traffic to and sales from your online business by using social media platforms, online advertising, and SEO strategies.

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