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Are you searching for the most recent headphone price in Pakistan 2023? Discover the ideal combination for your audio requirements to experience outstanding comfort and sound. Find a variety of headphones at affordable costs. Look for alternatives that are inexpensive and have excellent sound and features. Make an informed selection about your next pair of headphones by comparing pricing. Shop right away to get the finest audio experience for your money.


For many people, whether they are music lovers, gamers, or professionals who require a dependable audio device, headphones have evolved into a necessary accessory. The market in Pakistan now offers a wide variety of headphones due to the continually growing demand for them. With a focus on gaming headphones and well-known manufacturers like Audionic, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and JBL, this article seeks to give a general overview of headphone costs in Pakistan. We’ll also look at the elements that affect headphone costs and offer some budget-friendly solutions for people who need them.

Gaming Headphone:

In the realm of gaming, having the proper tools is essential for a compelling and immersive experience. High-end gaming headphones are a crucial gear that every gamer should think about purchasing. Gaming headphones not only offer excellent audio quality but also a variety of functions that will make your gaming experience even better. 

  • For gamers looking for the best possible gaming experience, these headphones are ideal since they provide immersive surround sound and crystal-clear communication. More than just a way to hear in-game audio may be found in gaming headphones. 
  • By boosting your game experience and submerging you in the virtual world, they offer a significant edge. Being able to pick up on minute sounds from the game, like distant gunfire or footfall, can dramatically increase your situational awareness and offer you an advantage over other players. 
  • Regarding Pricing of Gaming headphones. It varies with quality to quality, But mostly its range is 4,000 PKR to 7,000 PKR

Audionic headphones:

In Pakistan, Audionic is a well-known company that sells a variety of headphones to meet the demands of various customers. They have become well-known for their reasonably priced, dependable, and comfortable gaming headphones. Depending on the model and features included, different Audionic gaming headphones have different pricing.

Superior sound quality, comfort, and design are all combined in impressive fashion with Audionic headphones. These headphones were painstakingly made with attention to detail and are intended to provide an auditory experience like no other.

Audionic headphones offer crystal-clear sound with rich, detailed tones across the whole frequency range thanks to cutting-edge technology and precise engineering. These headphones guarantee that every note, beat, and sound effect are reproduced with remarkable clarity whether you’re listening to your favorite music, watching a movie, or playing a video game. Pricing of Audionic headphones based on its type , Mostly it started from 1000 PKR.

Apple Headphones:

Apple is a well-known international brand recognized for its high-end goods, which include headphones. Apple headphones normally cost more than those from other companies, but they have an excellent sound quality and a stylish design. The cost of Apple headphones varies in Pakistan depending on the model, with certain options made especially for gaming.

  • The immersive audio experience provided by Apple headphones, which are famous for their great quality and innovation, goes above and beyond expectations. These headphones were carefully created to match Apple products and integrate with your Apple environment, providing seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance.
  • Apple headphones are considered the pinnacle of modern technology and meticulous design. They recreate sound with extraordinary accuracy thanks to sophisticated audio drivers, guaranteeing that every note, beat, and lyric is accurately reproduced. Apple headphones provide a clear, balanced, and immersive audio experience whether you’re playing music, viewing a movie, or making phone calls.
  • Prices for Apple headphones ranges from 5000 PKR to 50,000 PKR.

Samsung Headphone:

A well-known brand in the electronics sector, Samsung offers a wide selection of headphones appropriate for a variety of uses, including gaming. Samsung headphones are renowned for their sturdiness and sound quality. The particular model and features determine how much a pair of Samsung gaming headphones prices in Pakistan.

  • The fascinating audio experience provided by Samsung headphones, which are renowned for their great quality and innovation, brings your music, movies, and phone calls to life. These headphones were created to improve your music experience, and they work perfectly with Samsung products, providing seamless connectivity and outstanding sound quality.
  • Samsung headphones produce realistic audio that captivates your senses because they are meticulously and precisely made. Modern technology and powerful audio drivers enable them to create music with astounding clarity and depth. Samsung headphones guarantee an immersive and exciting audio experience, from the delicate subtleties of your favorite songs to the strong bass lines that echo through your body.
  • Pricing for Samsung headphones is based on quality but started from 2000 PKR to 25,000 PKR.

Lenovo Headphone:

In Pakistan, Lenovo, a reputable company in the IT sector, also provides a variety of gaming headphones. Lenovo headphones are renowned for their secure fit and rich audio quality. Lenovo gaming headphones are available at several pricing points, giving customers a variety of options to fit their needs and preferences.

  • A great audio experience is provided by Lenovo headphones, which combine excellent sound quality, comfort, and adaptability. These headphones were expertly and precisely designed to meet the demands of professionals, gamers, and music lovers alike while offering a compelling audio experience.
  • Pricing for these headphones is varies from 2000 to 15,000 PKR.

JBL Headphone:

JBL is a well-known brand that is recognized all over the world for its premium audio equipment. Due to its great sound reproduction and immersive gaming experience, JBL gaming headphones are well-liked among gamers. Depending on the model and other features, JBL headphones can cost different amounts in Pakistan.

  • The outstanding sound quality, dependability, and cutting-edge technology of JBL headphones are well known. These headphones are a favorite among music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and professionals worldwide since they were created to give a fully immersive audio experience.
  • JBL headphones include modern audio technologies that recreate sound with astounding clarity and depth. They are expertly and precisely engineered. You can enjoy your music the way it was intended to be experienced thanks to the faithful reproduction of every note and beat, from the rich and detailed highs to the powerful and punchy bass.
  • Pricing for JBL Headphones is starting from 5000 PKR to 10,000 PKR.


In Pakistan, the cost of headphones varies according on the type, brand, and features it offers. Popular gaming headphones manufacturers like Audionic, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and JBL offer a variety of choices to suit various preferences and price ranges. The cost of headphones is influenced by elements like brand reputation, features, connectivity type, and style. You may discover a good gaming headset that provides excellent audio quality and an immersive gaming experience by taking your budget and unique requirements into account. You can buy online headphones in Pakistan on Brightmart, ALI BABA, DARAZ and etc.


  1. Are gaming headphones expensive in Pakistan?

Gaming headphones in Pakistan come in a wide range of prices, catering to different budgets. While some high-end models can be expensive, there are also affordable options available.

  1. Do gaming headphones have better sound quality than regular headphones?

Gaming headphones are specifically designed to provide immersive sound for gaming purposes. However, sound quality can vary between different models and brands.

  1. Can I use gaming headphones for music and other purposes?

Yes, gaming headphones can be used for listening to music and other audio content. They often provide good sound quality, comfort, and noise isolation, making them suitable for various purposes.

  1. Are wireless gaming headphones worth the higher price?

Wireless gaming headphones offer convenience and freedom of movement. If you value these features, they can be worth the higher price. However, wired headphones can still provide excellent sound quality at a lower cost.

  1. Where can I buy gaming headphones in Pakistan?

Gaming headphones can be purchased from various electronics stores, online marketplaces, and e-commerce websites in Pakistan. It’s recommended to compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase.

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