The Lowest LED TV Prices in Pakistan 2023


LCD TVs are now a necessary component of every home in the modern era of technology. They offer greater viewing experiences, bright colors, and superb picture quality. It’s crucial to take into account several aspects when looking for an LCD TV in Pakistan, such as the cost, brand reputation, features, and specs. Let’s investigate the costs of a few well-known LCD TV manufacturers in Pakistan. Find the perfect LCD TV for ecommerce in Pakistan. Explore our wide range of high-quality options, competitive prices, and convenient online shopping experience. Shop now!

Haier LCD price in Pakistan:

Haier, a well-known company, is recognized for its premium gadgets. Haier has a large selection of LCD TVs available at various pricing points. The specs, features, and screen size of Haier LCD price in Pakistan. Depending on the model, you can purchase a Haier LCD TV for as little as PKR 20,000 or as much as PKR 100,000.

TCL LCD price in Pakistan:

Another well-known manufacturer that provides inexpensive LCD TVs without sacrificing quality is TCL. TCL LCD TVs are renowned for their modern aesthetics, cutting-edge capabilities, and affordable costs. In Pakistan, the cost of a TCL LCD TV ranges from about PKR 25,000 to PKR 80,000, depending on the model, size, and features you select.

Nobel LCD price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan’s LCD TV industry, Nobel is still a relatively unestablished player. Despite being a new company, Nobel has become well-known for its reasonable prices and respectable features. Given that Nobel LCD tv typically cost between PKR 15,000 and PKR 50,000 in Pakistan, users on a tight budget may find them to be a desirable option.

LCD 32-inch price in Pakistan:

You’ve found the best site to look for a 32-inch LCD TV in Pakistan. We will look at the price range of 32-inch LCD TVs offered on the Pakistani market in this part. For those seeking a portable yet immersive viewing experience, the 32-inch size is a popular choice. Now let’s get into the specifics.

Other Well-known LCD Brands:

There are numerous other well-known LCD TV brands available in the Pakistani market in addition to Haier, TCL, and Nobel. These companies’ names include Panasonic, Philips, LG, Sony, Samsung, and Sony. These companies provide a large selection of LCD TVs with various features and pricing points.

Considerations When Purchasing an LCD TV:

Select a screen size based on your preferences and viewing area.
Resolution: For better picture quality, choose a higher resolution.
Search for TVs with numerous HDMI and USB ports so you can attach external devices.
Think of TVs with built-in Wi-Fi, smart apps, and streaming capabilities.
Check the sound output for audio quality, and if necessary, add-on audio accessories.
Energy Efficiency: To lower electricity consumption, look for TVs with energy-saving features.
Comparing LCD televisions
It is advised to evaluate several LCD TV models based on their features, specifications, and customer reviews to make an informed choice. Aspects including visual quality, color accuracy, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and viewing angles should be taken into account. Compare pricing and take into account the characteristics that each brand has to offer.

Price of a 32-inch LCD in Pakistan:

The 32-inch category is well-liked by individuals seeking a small LCD TV. In Pakistan, the cost of 32-inch LCD TVs varies based on the model and its characteristics. Depending on the manufacturer and specs, 32-inch LCD TVs range in price from about PKR 15,000 to PKR 60,000 or more.

The Best LCD TV Offers and Deals:

When buying an LCD TV, keep an eye out for special discounts and promotions. Discounts, package offers, and promotional deals are frequently offered by numerous shops and online platforms. To make sure you receive the best deal for your money, compare rates from several merchants.

Advice on Purchasing an LCD TV

Before buying, conduct a comprehensive investigation of the product.
To learn more about the performance and dependability of the TV, read reviews and ratings from customers.
To discover the cheapest price, compare prices offered by several vendors.
Check the manufacturer’s warranty and post-purchase support options.
Utilize internet discussion boards and communities to get suggestions from seasoned users.

How to Pick the Perfect LCD TV:

Your unique needs and tastes will determine the best LCD TV for you. Think about things like the size of the screen, the visual quality, the smart features, and your budget. Before settling on a TV, make sure to check it out in person at a nearby store and evaluate the visual quality.

Configuring Your LCD TV:

Once you’ve bought an LCD TV, it’s time to properly set it up. Connect the required wires and install the device by the manufacturer’s instructions. To your desire, change the picture settings, the sound settings, and other variables.

LCD TV maintenance and care:

It’s crucial to take good care of your LCD TV to preserve its longevity. To avoid scratching the screen, carefully clean it with a microfiber cloth. Place the TV away from the sun and places with a lot of dampness. When not in use, turn the TV off to conserve energy and avoid screen burn-in.


In conclusion, keep brands like Haier LCD TV, TCL, Nobel, and others in mind when seeking the finest LCD TV price in Pakistan for 2023. To select the ideal LCD TV that suits your demands and budget, compare pricing, features, and specifications. Don’t forget to take into account elements like screen size, resolution, smart features, and networking possibilities. You may enjoy a better viewing experience with your new LCD TV by making an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1: Where can I discover the best prices in Pakistan for LCD TVs?
A: To locate the best LCD TV prices in Pakistan, check out regional electronics shops, online marketplaces, and official brand websites.

Q 2: How much does a Haier LCD TV cost on average in Pakistan?
A Haier LCD TV’s pricing in Pakistan varies depending on its model and features. It may range from 20,000 to 100,000 Pakistani rupees or more.

Q 3: Are Nobel LCD TVs trustworthy?
Nobel LCD TVs are reasonably priced and have good features. Despite being relatively new to the market, user reviews indicate that they are dependable for the money.

Q 4: How big of a screen should my LCD TV have?
Your viewing area and personal preferences will determine the screen size. For the best viewing experience, take into account variables like the room’s size and viewing distance.

Q 5: How can I make sure my LCD TV lasts a long time?
To prolong the life of your LCD TV, wipe the screen gently, stay out of direct sunlight, limit exposure to excessive humidity, and switch the TV off when not in use to conserve energy.

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